Wednesday, April 3, 2013

New Exhibition 'TEN' almost completed!

     Most of my latest creative efforts have been in completing my exhibition ' TEN'.
'TEN' is a compilation of some of my strongest large scale sculptures, representing the original manifesto of  "Post Apocalyptic Visions" and telling the story of our wasteful and destructive nature as humans. Textural and alluring, each work stands on it's own, yet together form an installation showing a bleak future of life among discarded items and void of natural resources. My intent is to showcase my visionary works by creating a tableaux of an American Wasteland.
I am very excited about completing this series and share the works internationally. I have always felt strongly about my artistic vision and the message associated with it, knowing the message and vivid imagery speaks loudly together. Some of these works span the last twenty five years as a self taught artist and having them all together as an installation/tableaux will surely inspire more thought provoking  assemblage and sculpture.
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'All In the Dumpster'' 
'American Post Apocalyptic'
'Chill Boy' 

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I will soon post the last two works from 'TEN' very Soon!