Sunday, January 27, 2019

HINGER Installation/tableaux 'WasteLand' Catalog and Website Coming!

:WasteLand'  Completed and catalog and website Coming!

       In a creative explosion over the last two years, I created and restored 25 works and added them to 'TEN' which became 'WasteLand', a 35 sculpture installation/tableaux depicting a social commentary
of a dystopian American landscape. In my original Manifesto .'Post Apocalyptic Visions' I expressed my disdain and utter disbelief in Western Culture and the mass corruption and environmental devastation created by greed and selfish intentions and 30 years later my Manifesto rings so true today.

Currently we are working on the HINGER website and 'WasteLand' catalog and finding a site/location/museum for a exhibition/installation. Keep updated on HINGER  posts, news and events on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.