Saturday, February 12, 2011

Creative Process...

The creative process is a cocktail of instinct, skill, culture and a highly creative feverishness. It is not like a drug; it is a particular state when everything happens very quickly, a mixture of consciousness and unconsciousness, of fear and pleasure; it’s a little like making love, the physical act of love.Francis Bacon
Francis Bacon so eloquently expressed the pure joy it is to create and all the elements necessary for it to happen. I also like to add using materials/objects that have a starting point of zero enhances the process.  It is a magical, almost Zen - like state of mind that I'm in when the objects, thoughts and Visions are forged into a work of art. It dosent always happen, nor can it be forced. 
The Atelier of Assemblage has been on fire lately with restored and new works being completed at a steady rate.
See Lehighton Letters at John F. Germany Public Library in Downtown Tampa. Feb. 14th - April 15th, 2011.
See Works/Visions/Ideas come to life in Streaming Live Music/Video from my studio
3pm - 2am , EST Daily.

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